Networking Book List

Book   Author Publisher Notes
Computer Networks Andrew Tannenbaum Prentice Hall Excellent Background on Data Comms
Data & Computer Communications W. Stallings Macmillan Good, technical
Internetworking with TCP/IP Vol I Douglas Comer   Prentice Hall Good on TCP/IP theory
TCP/IP Illustrated Volume I W. Richard Stevens Addison Wesley Practical Coding examples included
Interconnections: Bridges and Routers Radia Perlman Addison Wesley Excellent theoretical background on Bridges/Routers
Local & Metropolitan Networks W. Stallings Prentice Hall Good technical discussions on LAN protocols
Ethernet - The Definitive Guide Charles Spurgeon O'Reilly All you need to know about the Ethernet Protocols
Gigabit Networking Craig Partridge Addison Wesley Design issues for very high speed nets
The Cuckoos Egg Clifford Stoll PAN paperback The first hacking - fascinating story
Firewalls and Internet Security Cheswick & Bellovin Addison Wesley They built the first firewall, good background (1994)
Routing in the Internet Christian Huitema Prentice Hall Up-to-date, routing is well presented
The Switch Book Rich Seifert Wiley Detailed presentation of LAN Switching techniques
802.11 Wireless Networks - The Definitive Guide Mathew Gast O'Reilly The inside details of the 802.11 Protocols
The Code Book Simon Singh Fourth Estate Great Paperback on the history of encryption

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